Implementation of the Action Plan in New Mexico

I am a doctoral nursing student at Arizona State University and live in Artesia New Mexico.  I am currently in a class entitled "Healthcare Policy and Innovation."  My doctoral project involves enhancing focused education through the use of multimedia. The video intervention is designed to create discussion and further communication between the the child, their family and the Asthma Educator.  One of my assignments is to create a blog and I have chosen the Federal Action Plan as my topic.  As I am reading through the action plan program, the priorities listed are encouraging and well planned.  I have several questions:

1.  It is not clear to me if this has become a federal policy or is the plan still in the formulation stage?

2.  Is there federal funding to implement this plan?

3.  How will the plan be implemented in New Mexico?

As a student, and one who does not have a background in politics or public policy; I would like correspond with individuals who are involved in the policy making process.

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