Asthma, Healthy Homes, Wx + Health, & Repair

The Energy Coordinating Agency of Philadelphia is becoming increasingly interested in Wx+Health programming that integrates repairs, treatments of health threats, and other services outside the scope of our energy retrofits.

@Dr.AndreaGelzer: Is Amerihealth Caritas currently partnered with Wx Providers in other states? Either way- who would be best to follow up with and approach for partnered programming in Philadelphia and provision of Healthy Homes services? ECA currently has to reject an all-too-large percentage of our weatherization applicants specifically for home health threats beyond the scope of our DOE WAP programming.

@BradleyKramer: How did you initially develop the partnerships between CHW organizations and Wx providers? How were they connected to the health provider system, able to add information about mold and other issues to patient files? Was there a reciprocal connection to inform Wx providers about health-related threat mitigation in the home?


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