Asthma Coalition of the Southern Tier

PO Box 468
13406 Middleville , NY
New York

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Terri Barnes
The Asthma Coalition of the Southern Tier conducts self-management education, supports awareness and education among healthcare providers, and performs community outreach to raise awareness about asthma and its triggers.

Workplan includes: Coalition Development & Management; Self-Management - utilizing American Lung Association Open Airways for Schools Program, Childhood Asthma Program and "A" is for Asthma Program; Decision Support - educating MD, PA, NP, RN, LPN and MA's on asthma management guidelines, best practices and how to educate the educator and coalition programs; Clinical Information and Communication Systems - utilizing the School Asthma Management Program; Delivery System Design - Case Management Program; Community Resources and Policies - Development of a communications plan to promote coalition activities throughout the 7 counties.