Assist Me with Inhalers - A new program Launched today for Asthma and COPD patients on iphone and ipad

  • Posted on: 7 January 2013
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Clinical Studies show that Asthma and COPD patients who never received any inhalation instruction and who used more than one inhaler made significant errors while performing the technique. But patients who received the inhaler instructions also showed the deterioration in their technique after 6-8 weeks from the initial training provided by their Health Professionals.

There are multiple reasons why patients forget the actual technique in their daily routine drug intake.

a) Most of the patients just watch the instructor once and try to remember the technique
b) Few patients read the instructions and perform the technique
c) Some patients watch the videos once and try to learn but eventually give up due to some reasons like language barrier etc

There should be enough time for checking and intensive training of inhalation technique. This should be repeated because patients tend to forget the appropriate inhaler technique and sometimes introduce new errors in time.

Its FREE with multiple inhaler assistance, self - explanatory simple setup. Helps patients to remember the medicine time and gives real time step by step instructions on correct inhaler technique.

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