FlowBrush Asthma Surveillance Telemedicine (FAST)

The FlowBrush™ is a combination toothbrush and electronic spirometer. It allows people with moderate to severe, persistent asthma to measure their lung function (FEV1) each morning just after brushing their teeth. This FEV1 data is wirelessly transmitted via the Verizon national network to the FlowBrush database cloud for daily analysis.

When tracked daily, FEV1 readings can predict asthma attacks before they occur. If you or your child's FEV1 readings begin to drop, our trained asthma care coordinators will call and help you implement your asthma action plan or access medical care from nearby urgent care clinics or retail clinics.

The purpose of the FlowBrush Asthma Surveillance Telemendicine or FAST program is to help asthmatics initiate preventive care BEFORE symptoms become noticeable and expensive, emergency room or hospital care is required.

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