Health & Wellness Alliance

1935 Medical District Drive Mail Stop| ST4.03
75235 Dallas , TX

Program Type:

Coalition, Community, Health Plan, Healthcare Provider, Non-profit, School, University, Other

Population Served:

  • White
  • African American
  • Hispanic
  • Native American
  • Other

Area Served:

  • Urban
  • Low-Income
  • Minority
Year Established:
The Health & Wellness Alliance for Children (the Alliance), is a collaborative initiative of community leaders to collectively improve the health and wellness outcomes of children in Dallas, Texas. The Alliance focuses on improving community health by influencing factors outside of hospital care, including the social determinants of health and preventative care. The Alliance uses a “collective impact” approach that facilitates the alignment of many players within the community to form a common agenda for change around children’s health. The initial focus has been on children’s asthma. While Children’s Health Sytem of Texas (formerly Children's Medical Center) has served as the catalyst for this effort, the Alliance is comprised of and led by a cross­-section of Dallas community stakeholders committed to children’s health.