Reducing Environmental Triggers of Asthma in the Home (RETA-Home)

The Minnesota Department of Health has created a free home environmental assessment training, named Reducing Environmental Triggers of Asthma–Home, or RETA-Home. This program teaches you about the triggers of asthma found in the home and suggests simple interventions that can limit or eliminate exposure to them. It also tours a home to show areas where asthma triggers are found. The training takes about 40 minutes to view. It includes pre- and post-test questions that highlight important points, and you may print out a certificate of completion at the end. In addition, there is a resource section that can be accessed both during the program and after the program has been completed.

This training utilizes the expertise of individuals who have extensive experience in both providing in-home asthma management and conducting home assessments. It builds on data from projects showing that environmental interventions, coupled with in-home asthma medical management, are effective in reducing nighttime symptoms, missed school days, and the number of asthma hospital visits and unscheduled, urgent care office visits.

This training program was made possible from grants from EPA Region V and CDC.

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