L.A. Cares About Asthma

L.A. Care Health Plan established the comprehensive disease management program LA Cares About Asthma® in 2003. L.A. Care selected asthma as a disease management focus because of the large number of members with asthma enrolled in L.A. Care and the success of programs like these in helping patients with chronic illness improve their health status over the course of the disease. LA Cares About Asthma ® is a collaborative program designed to improve member self-management through education, empowerment, monitoring and member input and communication.


On a monthly basis, LA Cares About Asthma® identifies health plan members with asthma and provides them with a variety of educational materials and tools to help them take control and manage their disease. To be inclusive to its community’s needs, the program ensures that linguistically and culturally appropriate materials are available for all potential enrollees.


LA Cares About Asthma® also partners with several community-based organizations to expand its reach and depth to serve individuals most in-need. An in-home visitation program with Long Beach Alliance for Children with Asthma in the Los Angeles South Bay area and specialist referrals with Harbor-UCLA Medical Foundation Inc., throughout Los Angeles County offered to high-risk members with asthma are just two examples of such successful partnerships.


Thanks to these efforts, LA Cares About Asthma® achieved a member satisfaction of 97.6 percent, which exceeded their 2011 goal. In particular, members reported great satisfaction with the program materials and felt the materials educated them on how to control their asthma.

Pictured l-r: Johanna Aceves, Johanna Kichaven, Rachel Martinez, Joanne Wei, Melissa Diaz, Hela Mahgerefteh, Laura Linebach, Lisa Diaz, and Devaki Magee

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