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The Boston Asthma Home Visit Collaborative provides free home visits to help families with asthma. During these home visits, they help families improve their living situations and the entire family's understanding of asthma. For more information visit
Asthma Friendly Policies, Community Setting, English, Video (VHS or DVD)
A commentary on the Breathe Easy At Home web-based referral system.
Asthma Friendly Policies, English, Document (PDF, Word, Excel), Environmental Assessment/Checklist, Reference Guide, Other
This form focuses on environmental triggers and was developed as an initial intake tool specifically for children already diagnosed with asthma.
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Quick reference card for health care providers on comprehensive asthma care
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These guidelines are aimed at integrating environmental management of asthma into pediatric health care. These documents outline competencies in environmental health relevant to pediatric asthma that should be mastered by health care providers, and outlines the environmental interventions that should be communicated to patients. The interventions solutions are organized by environmental triggers.
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Study Finds Trained Pediatricians Are Willing to Integrate Environmental Management into Asthma Care
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267 is an educational website for Patients and Professionals that teaches proper use of inhalers in an engaging, interactive way with new webcam technology of real time practice available online, iPhone and iPad.
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The NEAIC Suggested Supplies list was designed to guide providers who are new to asthma home visiting services and to standardize required supplies across NEAIC intervention sites. It provides links to vendors of effective, low-cost supplies used by providers who are experienced in asthma home visiting.
Community Health/Outreach Worker Tool, English, Document (PDF, Word, Excel), Environmental Assessment/Checklist, Home/Housing, Implementation Guide, Protocol
Asthma resource list with clinical guidelines, toolkits, mobile technology asthma resources, multimedia and multilingual patient education resources for low literacy and limited English proficient populations and smoking cessation tools.
Asthma Care Plan/Action Plan, Community Health/Outreach Worker Tool, Education/Outreach Materials, French, Environmental Assessment/Checklist, Reference Guide, Spanish, Vietnamese, Website, Quality Improvement
36-minute panel discussion about reducing the burden of asthma. The discussion is hosted by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Impact DC. Panelists provide insights into ways for parents and caregivers to help their children control asthma symptoms.
Community Setting, English, Education/Outreach Materials, Video (VHS or DVD)