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Provides step-by-step instructions on using a metered dose inhaler. Colorful illustrations clearly depict proper techniques. Note spaces encourage patients to record health-care-provider instructions, type of medication, puffs per canister, and more. 50 two-sided, 8 1/2" x 11" tear-off sheets per pad.
Community Setting, English, Fact Sheet, Other
This hands-on book gives parents the tools and information they need to help their child enjoy a full, active childhood. It includes easy-to-reference sections that cover everything from what asthma is and its effects on children to triggers, medications, and special situations. Encourages children to play an active part in managing their asthma with worksheets that help them track their peak flow
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Shows asthma sufferers the way to a healthy, active life! This interactive guide motivates readers to control asthma by working with their health-care provider, sticking to their medication program, and monitoring their condition. Workbook pages help them develop treatment, exercise, and smoking-cessation plans; track medications; record peak flow readings; and control triggers. Includes step-by-s
Community Setting, English, Training Materials, Spanish
Help children understand and manage asthma with this fun, activity-packed workbook. They'll learn about symptoms, triggers, and medication, as well as what to do if they or a friend has an asthma attack. Workbook also helps children who don't have asthma understand that all children can play together even if someone has asthma, and that children who have asthma should be treated with respect. 12 p
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This interactive workbook helps young children understand and manage their asthma, and helps non-asthmatic children empathize with asthma sufferers and recognize potential emergency situations. Fun activities and stories help make youngsters aware of factors that can lead to asthma occurrences; describe actions to take if they or a friend suffers an asthma attack; and, most importantly, remind the
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Put this CD in the hands of people newly diagnosed with asthma to help them stay positive, motivated, and in control of their condition. Guides viewers in identifying triggers and reducing exposure, discusses different medications and how they help, and explains steps for using inhalers and peak-flow meters effectively. Also discusses the four levels of asthma severity, potential consequences of u
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Through an engaging family-centered story, this booklet teaches parents and other caregivers how to manage childhood asthma. Helps readers understand and accept their responsibility in controlling their child's asthma, and shows them how to work closely with health-care providers to ensure that adequate care is received. Teaches how to identify symptoms, explains ways to avoid triggers, and tells
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"You can enjoy a full, active life. It takes putting yourself in charge!" That's the inspirational message this booklet delivers. Detailed illustrations and easy-reading text help readers understand what happens during an asthma attack. Empowers them to develop an asthma-action plan, take medications as prescribed, take regular peak flow readings, and more. 16 pages, 5 1/2" x 8"
Brochure, Community Setting, English, Other
Asthma sufferers can enjoy regular exercise; this booklet shows them how. Helps patients understand how exercise affects--and can actually help control--asthma. Urges them to work with their care provider to learn how to manage their condition and develop a customized exercise plan. Tells how to prevent exercise-induced asthma with medications and other techniques; answers common questions. 16 pag
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Delivers the positive message that asthma can be controlled with medication. Provides a comprehensive discussion of the medicines used to treat asthma, how they're used, and precautions to take. Describes preventive and "rescue" medicines, lists several brand-name and generic drugs, and gives "how to's" for using a metered dose inhaler and peak flow meter. Includes space for patients to develop th
Brochure, Community Setting, English, Other