Cambridge-Somerville Healthy Homes

119 Windsor Street
02139 Cambridge , MA

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Alicia Morris
(617) 665-3831
Home assessment visits, education, and supplies for families of children with asthma who are 13 years of age or less. We serve 5 communities where our parent organization has a presence. We also serve 35 communities for children under 6 years of age with need for lead poisoning prevention/education services.

Cambridge-Somerville Healthy Homes is a program of the Cambridge Public Health Department which is a department of the Cambridge Health Alliance, a network of hospitals and clinics in the greater Boston area.

Part of the Enviornmental Health Unit, our team consists of an RN/Program Coordinator, and a seasoned Community Health Worker.  We conduct several visits to referred families and provide a throrough environmental and asthma assessment, followed by education around the asthma condition, trigger reduction, medication use/technique, symptoms and triggers.  We offer an assortment of interventions that include allergen barrier covers and cleaning supplies.  Some additional items are available if the situation warrants, such as hygrometers and mouse traps.  We provide written materials to enhance our 1:1 education, spacers when needed, and an updated Asthma Action Plan.  We coordinate care with the physicians and after a comprehensive assessment, often recommend that the provider make medication changes per NHLBI guidelines and the Asthma Control Test results.   

Our goals are to improve asthma understanding and management in order to reduce unscheduled asthma visits and missed school/work.   

Our lead poisoning prevention services include home visits to children at risk for lead poisoning, most of whom are referred to the program after an elevated blood lead test result is returned.  Families receive education about reducing further exposure, referrals, and some cleaning supplies.  They are assisted and supported through the process of environmental mitigation and deleading.   Children under the age of six are followed until their blood lead test results are less than 5 mcg/dl.