Asthma Awareness Month Event Planning Kit

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


Each May, thousands of organizations join together for Asthma Awareness Month to increase public awareness of the asthma epidemic and to take action to get asthma under control in communities across the nation. Asthma affects over 25 million people of all ages and races. And, though asthma is widespread, public awareness of common asthma triggers and effective asthma management strategies remains limited.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed this Event Planning Kit to equip state and local asthma programs to hold community-based awareness and action events during Asthma Awareness Month. Inside you will find ideas and helpful tips for planning and running powerful community asthma events. Be sure to check out the event spotlights to learn about successful efforts other communities had in the past. You will also find sample materials and a resource order form to use at your events.


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