Kentucky Asthma Partnership

275 East Main HS2WE
40621 Frankfort , KY

Program Type:


Population Served:

  • White
  • African American
  • Hispanic

Area Served:

  • Urban
  • Suburban
  • Rural
  • Low-Income
Year Established:


Sue Thomas-Cox
The Kentucky Asthma Partnership is a statewide coalition working to reduce the burden of Asthma in Kentucky.

The purpose of the Kentucky Asthma Partnership is to improve the diagnosis, treatment and outcomes for Kentuckians with asthma through a network of public and private partners. The KAP intends to be the collaborative driving force behind the reduction of mortality and morbidity of asthma in Kentucky. 

The KAP will accomplish its purpose by: (1)increasing public awareness of asthma and related issues in the community, (2) identifying and eliminating disparities that affect the health outcomes of people with asthma, (3) providing education about asthma and asthma management, (4) serving as a link between the community and asthma care and supportive resources, (5) increasing school/community management of asthma, (6) utilizing asthma data to prioritize goals and activities, (7) building a strong partnership and increasing diversity of its members, and (8) serving as  a catalyst for activities of other organizations who are also  promoting the health and wellbeing of all Kentuckian's with asthma.