NEED HELP: looking for copy of ATAQ asthma control screening tool

ACU EPA project has developed an electronic asthma clinical decision support tool for the EHR platform. Currently it is pilot tested in 32 health centers using GE Centricity. We want to embed an asthma control screening tool. The ACT is free for children ages 4-11, but the tool has associated cost per use for ages 12 and up. We have been looking at the ATAQ, but I am unable to find copy of tool and if it is copyrighted and who to contact.  Is anyone using this tool or any other validated literacy screening tool for asthma control? All assistance valued.

Here is link to a recorded video about our electronic asthma clinical decision support tool.

Anna M. Gard, FNP-BC

Health IT and Quality Consultant

Association of Clinicians for the Underserved

Hi - the ATAQ is copyrighted by Merck - and it's downloadable via the MerckEngaged website (it's in the Resources section under Quality Solution Navigator - choose the "Respiratory/asthma tab".

You can also contact alocal Merck rep and they can help you access it and give you some guidance on how it can be used within the EMR etc.

Hope this helps - feel free to call/email me if you would like...


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