Mid-Level Provider Reimbursement Tips who are involed in home visits also?

Hello, I am a family nurse practitioner with environmental health. I was recently hired on because we are now moving into clinical services. We have developed a program that incorporates clinic services (detailed exposure history evaluations, assessments, as needed labs, etc) with healthy home assessments and interventions. We are currently focusing on our poorly controlled asthmatic pediatric patients in the local Houston area as well as patients with elevated lead levels and also other environmental exposure concerns.

Any tips, from other FNP's or midlevel providers for reimbursement if I go to patient's home? We are a small department that is starting up. Until we expand, I will also be participating in seeing patients in home. What exactly can we be reimbursed for? (Asthma education, healthy homes assessements/interventions, provider visit, combination, etc?) I am also certified in healthy homes assessments and certified as an asthma educator. Many programs we have been researching have community health workers or nurses (RNs) visiting homes...Need some advise. Will also look at the provided links Deidra Stockman has shared...Thanks!



Is there any reimbursement for any nursing home visiting programs through your state Medicaid?  Perhaps you can alter the SPA to include MLPs.  Thanks,