CT School Indoor Environment Resource Team

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CT Dept of Public Health

The overall goal of the Resource Team is to improve indoor air quality in Connecticut schools, principally by implementing the Tools for Schools program in every Connecticut public school building. Our main objectives are to:

a) develop and execute a more systematic outreach program to promote TfS, and
b) provide training and other technical assistance to schools to implement the TfS program.
c) Provide training and technical assistance to assist school districts to sustain their TfS programs.

The Resource Team includes IAQ specialists, industrial hygienists, epidemiologists, educators, trainers and others who can assist schools to implement the TfS program. The Team provides the following services:

· Outreach and Education through meetings and presentations with school officials and other stakeholders (teachers, PTA, other) to promote TfS in school systems

· A two session training program for TfS committees (building teams) covering IAQ health issues, how TfS works, communication, conducting site walkthroughs, and prioritizing IAQ problems

· Ongoing consultation with TfS building teams to set priorities and address specific technical questions.

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