Helping Girls Breathe Easier: The Asthma Awareness Patch Program for Girl Scouts

Asthma is a disease of the airways. Airways are the tubes that bring outside air to the lungs. We use this air to breathe. When airways become narrow and swollen, it becomes hard for air to flow in and out of the lungs. Dur­ing an asthma episode, a child may cough, wheeze, or experience chest tightness or shortness of breath. Asthma is responsible for many doctor and hospital visits and lost days from school. If untreated, asthma can affect everyday life. Most girls know someone with asthma or may even have asthma themselves. Each Girl Scout can benefit from learning what asthma is, how it affects breathing, and how certain lifestyle choices can affect their general health and well-being. 

Learning about the respiratory system and how we breathe is the basis of the Asthma Awareness Patch Program: Helping Girls Breathe Easier. In addition, the girls will develop knowledge of asthma triggers, anything in the environment that can make breathing difficult. Girls will learn to make healthy choices, such as avoiding cigarette smoke, eating healthy foods, exercising regularly and practicing relaxation techniques. To encourage Girl Scouts to become responsible members of the community, the patch program goes beyond the individual and incorporates helping others. Employing resources such as websites, books, and other media enhance the learning process. 

Empowering girls to take charge of their health can lead to increased self-esteem and responsible decision-making. 

Each level of Girl Scouting is included in this workbook. The following number of activities must be completed in order to earn the Asthma Awareness Patch: Helping Girls Breathe Easier. 

By earning the patch, girls can help create asthma awareness by reaching out to the community. Teens may be given the privilege and opportunity to work with younger girls on their Asthma Awareness Patch, or they may choose to volunteer their time in an asthma-related activity, such as an asthma fair or school science program. This will provide leadership opportunities as well as the chance to learn about various careers in healthcare. To order the Asthma Awareness Patch, call 1-800-221-6707 or visit your local council shop. 

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