National Tribal Healthy Homes Assessment, Training & Technical Assistance Support Center: Materials

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Materials and literature include: 

Healthy Home Heritage Coloring, Activity & Sticker Book

  • Join the beaver kits, Aspen and Birch, as they visit their grandbeaver's lodge and help them assess it for health hazards. While looking over the home, they learn the importance of a home's environment on the health of its occupants as well as learn about the unique American Indian heritage of honoring one's home and environment. This 25-page coloring and activity book is made for kids of all ages with lots of activities, puzzles and games. (Click here for ordering information)

Help Yourself to a Healthy Home 

  • This 58-page booklet describes many of the hidden dangers to the health of home occupants, both children and adults. The booklet includes sections on: indoor air quality, drinking water, home safety, asthma & allergies, mold & moisture, carbon monoxide, lead, hazardous household products, and pesticides. In addition, the Native American edition of the booklet features descriptions, drawings and photos of the nine traditional Native home types found in the United States.
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  • Montana State University Extension, Housing & Environmental Health Program This MSU program features many publications, resources and materials on varied topics that can be used for personal or professional purposes including: home indoor air quality, home energy, home improvement, healthy homes, and Tribal programs resources. (Click here for ordering information.) 
  • Easy, Low-Cost, Non-Toxic Household Cleaners A recipe sheet of non-toxic cleaners that are easy to make with just a few ingredients commonly found in the home and that can be used every day. (Click here for sheet.)

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