CHW and AE-C

Both CHW and AE-C were described as particpating the in home education part of the CHAMP program. How were the roles diffentiated?


The Community Health Workers are trained to reinforcement asthma education.   We have Certified Asthma Educators on staff who do AE in the clinic, and we contract with a CAE who does education in the homes on weekends and late in the evening.  One more thing -  We have supported two of our CHWs in educationand preparation  for the CAE exam and they are poised to take (and pass) this exam soon.  They qualify to take the exam because of their work in CHAMP.  Also, 4 of our 5 CHWs have degrees (not required for the exam but helps).

The staff that you reference as already having the CAE, are they medical staff such as RN, LPN or MA? 

And kudos for supporting your CHWs to achieve the CAE, this is a direction we are going as well.