Partner Relationships

For Ms. Steppe--will you discuss your relationships with other organizations such as Habitat for Humanity Greater Memphis that are providing housing intervention services as part of your work?

Yes, CHAMP has worked with community partners to launch the Healthy Homes Initiative in early 2015.  This group includes city /county codes and housing professional members such as Habitat for Humanity.   On behalf of this group, Le Bonheur applied for and received a Strengthening Communities grant which allows for this group to plan for development of a process to refer families to existing housing agencies and to advocate for changes in policies and codes. In our work with GHHI we will be utilizing the partnership to build a more robust environmental component of the CHAMP program and to scale up, and also seek a SIB.

Additionally,  Le Bonheur CH is helping to fund and supporting the establishment of a Medical Legal Partnership to help families with a variety of issues, including envinronmental concerns.