HUD Expected Announcement requiring all public housing authorities to be smokefree by early 2017

Through my networks I've been advised that HUD will be making a formal announcement in the next month or two that all Federally funded public housing authorities will mandate (changing HUD's strongly suggested policy) that all public housing in the USA will be smokefree.

Has anyone else heard this?


This was announced a few weeks ago in a HUD webinar. I believe that public comments will be solicited sometime this year on the Federal Register.

Thank you, Mary. Do you know if the HUD webinar you are referring to are archived? I would love to be able to listen to it and refer it to my smokefree housing team in NYC.


Unfortunately, I don't think the webinar was archived. It took place in early June, I think, and the main subject was LIHTC (Low Income Housing Tax Credits). I was a presenter for a webinar in March and that one was never archived either.

When we hear anything, I wll make sure it gets posted on this forum.