Evidenced Based Asthma Management Program

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Genesis TPM’s Asthma Action Plan is an evidenced based interactive chronic disease portal; where patients and caregivers are collaboratively linked, delivering a tool for the management of Asthma, putting the patient in charge of their condition, keeping them involved with their progress and keeping them healthy.
The patient inputs data, and invites their caregiver(s) to participate in their progress and well being. Educating themselves through our Genesis Learning Libraryon their condition and keeping abreast of medical breakthroughs that can affect them provided by their caregivers..
Historical reports and graphs are available to the patient and caregivers to asses progress and keep on track.
Alerts are sent automatically to their primary caregiver to take action, when the patient is out of their recommended testing ranges.  
Genesis Learning Library keeps the patient educated and in touch with news and reviews that can help.
GenesisTPM's Social Medical Network keeps the patient in touch with other members sharing common issues. 
Prescription Management Reports keeps the patient and caregivers abreast of all medications and protocols being used.
Link up with all your caregivers charts, keeping all your medical data in one place.
Vital Sign Management, keeps the patient and caregiver aware of suttle changes before it becomes an episode.
All this can be achieved from where ever you, with an internet connection and soon will be available on your mobile devices. Designed to create a better quality of life for the patient, while reducing the cost of patient management.  
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