AFSI Champion Awards -- Application due September 30, 2015

  • Posted on: 11 September 2015
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The American Lung Association is shining a spotlight on schools that are taking the steps to be asthma-friendly. 

The call for applications for the 2015 Asthma-Friendly Schools Initiative (AFSI) Champion Awards is open. With support from Genentech, the AFSI Champion Awards recognize schools that are creating healthy learning environments using the strategies outlined in the Asthma-Friendly Schools Initiative. The AFSI approach is backed by years of testing and implementation and demonstrates that schools can protect students with asthma by maximizing school health services, providing asthma education, creating a healthier school environment, and ensuring all students can participate in physical education and activity. Silver and Gold award winners are schools that have gone above and beyond to protect the health of their students, faculty and staff. 

Every School Should Be Asthma-Friendly!

See how AFSI Champion Gold Award winning schools from the Northeast Independent School District in San Antonio, TX are creating healthy learning environments for their students. >>Watch the Video.  

Apply today!

The application submission deadline for the 2015 AFSI Champion Awards is September 30, 2015

Steps to Apply:

  1. Download the application packet.
  2. Complete and review all narrative portions of the application. Applications must be completed by a representative a primary or secondary public, private, or charter school.
  3. Obtain a letter of commitment from the school principal to ensure their support in healthy, asthma-friendly learning environments.
  4. Compile all required components of the application, including the application form, supporting materials, and the signed letter of commitment.
  5. Submit your application packet to by September 30, 2015.

If you have any questions regarding the 2015 AFSI Champion Awards, please contact

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Barbara M Kaplan, MPH, CHES
Director, Asthma Education
American Lung Association