Community Partnerships

You have had amazing growth in the number of patients seen.  Have your partnerships helped with recruiting patients?   How to you maintain good communication between your partners, especially providers?  

Our growth has come from many sources, including expansion of partnerships.  We receive referrals from the emergency department, hospital units, primary care providers, school nurses, and health plans.  We send clinical summaries to both the referring provider and the primary care provider for all visits.  In addition to patient-specific communication, we are in frequent contact with our primary care partners through a wide range of programmatic initiatives.

Good Afternoon,

Good Afternoon,

I was hoping to get contact information for community resources to address environmental issues for members of our insurance plan with asthma. As you know, many of them are living in their triggers and can't do much to minimize thier exposure. Do you know of any that will compel mgmt properties to make neccessary repairs that impact asthma?



We complete letters to the landlords, using the specific housing codes for the area where our families live. We also make referrals to community resources (DC government, home visiting programs, legal resources, etc.) that assist with household triggers and exposures. There maybe similiar programs in your area!