The New York State Healthy Neighborhoods Program: Findings From an Evaluation of a Large-Scale, Multisite, State-Funded Healthy Homes Program

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New York State Health Neighborhoods Program

Some critical questions remain about the feasibility and promise of implementing healthy homes approaches at scale and in real-world settings. What is the impact of improved housing on different populations (eg, children vs adults, urban vs rural)? Which hazards can be improved? How much improvement can we expect from a healthy homes program operating to scale? Can we expect improvements from low-intensity interventions that do not provide structural improvements? Will modest improvements in housing conditions yield improvements in health that have clinical or public health significance? Are these types of programs sustainable? While existing reports from research-based designs, demonstration projects, and smaller-scale initiatives have contributed to our current understanding of the impact of healthy homes approaches, less is known about the impact of large-scale programs operating in real-world settings.

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