An Evaluation of a State-Funded Healthy Homes Intervention on Asthma Outcomes in Adults and Children

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New York State Healthy Neighborhoods Program

People with poorly controlled asthma often live in environments that exacerbate their symptoms and minimize their ability to gain control.Control of environmental factors is a key component of asthma management, but education about asthma triggers is often not a routine part of clinical asthma care. Evidence-based strategies exist, such as home-based environmental interventions, but are underutilized. The effectiveness of home-based environmental interventions in reducing asthma morbidity is now well-established.6–32 This approach has been effective at reducing the presence of common asthma triggers and conditions that promote triggers in the home and also for improving health outcomes. Multiple studies have reported significant reductions following completion of a home visiting program in emergency department (ED) visits, hospitalizations, days with worsening asthma, days of school or work missed because of asthma, improvements in appropriate use of medications, use of asthma action plans, knowledge of personal triggers, and how to reduce exposures to triggers. Projected costs and savings vary according to program design and intensity, but a Community Guide review concluded that home-based, multitrigger, multicomponent interventions are a good investment, with cost-benefit ratios ranging from a return of $5.30 to $14.00 for every dollar invested.

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