Mold, vocs, smoking, in disabled and elderly project based section 8.

I hear much about smoking being bad in federally funded multi family projects, and it is, management at my building say they would have issues renting if they went smoke free.  Although those of us who actually live in this buildings know how bad the environment is.  How come mold is so over looked, how come even when you complain about health issues from pesticides and breathing issues from pesticides they still come in for added applications living residents with no save place to go for days to weeks to ever again.  How come if you complain about water leaks and mold, they tell you to pay for testing.  If we could afford testing chances are we would not be living hear.

Yes smoking is a trigger and in this age of information it should be stopped.  Still we need more regulations on mold and pesticides.  When heat treatment and batting can be used instead of pesticides 

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