World Asthma Day PowerPoint

Present this PowerPoint on World Asthma Day to raise awareness of asthma among your children/students. 

Featuring 8 x fully illustrated, info-packed slides, this resource contains everything you and your children need to know about asthma.

If you have any students/children who suffer from asthma, this My School Asthma Plan A4 Poster is a really useful tool.

Ask parents to complete it with them so that you know how to respond in the event of an attack. 

5 Asthma Facts:

  1. Asthma is a lung condition that adversely affects breathing
  2. It often runs in the family
  3. Asthma attacks can be triggered by smoke, pollen, exercise and emotional distress
  4. Asthma is commonly treated using inhalers
  5. The first World Asthma Day was in Barcelona in 1998


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