Asthma and Coronavirus

Asthma how  its relates to conronavirus?

Hi , coronavirus pandemic closed the program from being able to go into the community. Having asthma has been considered a risk factor for severe coronavirus disease


Although our program did not go to schools, our nurse practitioner did do telehealth visits if able to the patients that were on  the schedule.  Our program met with Occupational Health today to get recommendations for keeping patients and asthma van employees safe.   We will also have to follow school recs during this time as to whether or not they want our bus at this time.  If not, we will still plan telehealth visits or those patients may be seen at another school or site where our bus will be.

Please find this on-demand webinar that can help directly address the question. It allows for respondents to submit questions in the Chat box and replies will be sent to the respondent. I hope this helps address the request.

Managing Asthma During COVID-19 

Date webinar was given: May 7, 2020 

Speakers: Dr. Lakiea Wright, board-certified allergist and Medical Director of U.S. Clinical Affairs at Thermo Fisher Scientific, ImmunoDiagnostics, and Dr. John Carl, Chair of Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine at Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital

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