measuring medication adherence

I am interested to learn how programs are monitoring medication adherence amonth program participants.

There are several ways to measure adherece.  Patient report is the least reliable but most available.  Using medication counters can be helpful, especially in home visits when you see the families regularly and they have their medications in hand.  Pharmacies fills can also be helpful but fill does not always equal use and so it may be falsely reassuring.  Finally, electronic monitors for medications that are available for research and purchase through Propeller Health and other companies.    Is that what you were working on?

Usually we go by parent report, level of asthma control, and spirometry findings to determine compliance.  Occasionally we call pharmacies the patients use to fill meds to check fill rates if we are in question.

We are currently collecting data by patient/parent report but agree that this is not reliable data.  Curious if programs have developed a system that is providing them this information in a more reliable format.