Spimetry test

When it will be consider safe to start using spirometry test and PFM on patients?

We are now using this on select but not all patients.  We are still using PEFM during allergy shots in an open but separate area with the patient facing the wall..

That is a very difficult question to answer.  There is not clear guidance from the CDC, ATS, or AAAAI.  For now, the recommendation is to use spirometry only in situations when the results will impact decisions about patient care and not for monitoring.  At CHCO we are performing PFTs with RTs in face masks, face shields, and gowns and masks.  Cleaning of the room is based upon COVID status.  In some institutions, they are doing PFTs in negative pressure rooms.  I wish there were a right answer.    I am not aware of peak flow recommendations.

when peak flows are used we use one way valves and have the patient bring their own PEFM from home for use.  this helps better protect our patients but not our staff.  Dr. Federico is right - there is not a good answer to this now.  In