Innovations in Financing Environmental Asthma Home Visits Within Medicaid

13 September 2022
Moderator: Tracy Washington Enger, Indoor Environments Division, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Kate Hastings, Senior Policy Expert, The Scientific Consulting Group, Inc., Lori Copan Chief, Exposure Prevention and Education Section, Center for Healthy Communities, California Department of Public Health, Dana Durham Chief, Managed Care, Quality and Monitoring Division, California Department of Health Care Services


Learn from state experts about innovative approaches for financing environmental asthma home visits within Medicaid.

Participants will learn about—

  • Technical solutions that state health care policymakers and community partners are pioneering to improve asthma outcomes, reduce health disparities and cultivate health equity.
  • Innovations to address indoor environmental determinants of health (IEDOH) through clinic and community integration, such as asthma home visits with environmental interventions for children who need them for asthma control.
  • Ways to collaborate between health care, public health, housing, community development, energy and others to put the latest IEDOH policies and science to work to improve asthma.