Reimagining Asthma Care, Climate Resilience, and Equity in Contra Costa, California: Partnering Health Care With Weatherization to Address the Indoor Environmental Determinants of Health

29 March 2023
Moderator: Tracey Mitchell, RRT, AE-C, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Speaker: Michael Kent, Hazardous Materials Ombudsman for Contra Costa Health Services

Hear Michael Kent, Hazardous Materials Ombudsman for Contra Costa Health Services, discuss his reflections on building a county-level model for reimagining asthma care, climate resilience and equity in Contra Costa County, California, where cross-sector health care and weatherization partners address the indoor environmental determinants of health (IEDOH) to improve community asthma outcomes. 

This session will highlight one model for connecting solutions in clinical asthma care and health care payments with housing, energy services and public health home visiting to address IEDOH in low-quality housing where children and adults are disproportionately exposed to air pollution and environmental triggers that exacerbate asthma. We will spotlight population health innovations that proactively identify and seek to reduce household exposures, particularly where asthma health burden is disproportionate.

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