hello all,

i am doing a research on asthma i would appreciate if you could all answe few of my question....

it would be a great help......

what kind of asthma related problem do you all search for in health portals?(cause, symptoms etc)


I would say it depends on what aspect of asthma health and asthma management you are interested in! 

Asthma is a very multifaceted condition.  There are issues of causes and symptoms (like you mentioned), but also issues of medications, environmental triggers (allergens, air pollution, etc), seeking follow-up care, patient education, community support, etc. 

You can also view asthma from a patient-centered perspective, that is viewing each case as different and studying how to best provide care to each individual.  Alternatively you can view asthma from a more epidemiological perspetive.  What causes asthma in populations? 

These are just a view of the issues associated with asthma.  Hope this helps!