Houston Independent School District Celebrates Asthma Awareness Month

  • Posted on: 24 May 2011



Through our CDC funded Asthma Project called “Clearing the Air About Asthma” we provide tools and resources for HISD students with asthma in the South and East Regional locations of Houston.
The grant focuses on 12 asthma target schools in the area where it implements evidence based programs such as “Open Airways for Schools” (OAS) and “Basic Asthma 101”.

One of the major strengths of the HISD Asthma Project is its collaboration with HISD School Registered Nurses and local and national community partners. A great example of our strong collaboration was illustrated on May 6th when we held an Asthma Forum targeting the “Medically Underserved Area” in South Houston.

At the Forum we presented informational sessions on “Healthy Homes” and HISD school-based Asthma Management programs for the parents, while older children participated in “Ozone Theater”- an air quality curriculum sponsored by Air Alliance Houston. Older children also had the opportunity to participate in an HISD Professional Development System Online Asthma class provided in a Houston Library Mobile Bus.  Simultaneously, the younger children participated in an interactive puppet show and storytelling session, both of which focused on asthma. These events were sponsored by Air Alliance Houston and the Houston Library. Community organizations such as American Lung Association, Community Health Choice Asthma Case Managers and Texas Children’s Hospital Project Medical, among many others, distributed hand outs, brochures and pamphlets, as well as environmental checklists for asthma triggers, Asthma Action Plans, Asthma medications, asthma tools and equipment, etc.
There were 111 participants in total and because of this great turn out, the partners are considering having another Asthma Forum next year!

Look for other upcoming Asthma Awareness Month events provided by “Clearing the Air about Asthma.”

  • Monthly “BREATH” newsletter on Asthma Awareness Month.
  • HISD website has “Asthma Awareness article.”
  • 12 Asthma Target schools will have an asthma awareness bulletin board or event at their school.
  • Mega 101FM in Houston will broadcast a Spanish Awareness Message about Asthma in May.



 Asthma can have such a devastating toll on students:

  • absences
  • academic performance
  • social performance
  • athletic involvement
  • increased emergency room and hospital stays

Programs such as the one we have in HISD assures successful outcomes. Being able to aggressively and consistently address the needs of the asthma student this year, especially with the tools, equipment and educational resources makes management easier and safer.

Teresa and her team have been great role models and educators for the professional school nurses of HISD and a resource for school nurses across the State of Texas.

Please share your thoughts and  programs that work in your district.


Ruby Ferguson, RN MSN

Houston ISD

TSNO Education Coordinator