Cost/benefit analysis of intervention intensity levels?


Has anyone seen a good cost-benefit analysis that looks at different levels of intensity (low, moderate, high) of home-based asthma interventions? For example, high intensity interventions for severe asthma include these components... cost per household is... and validated results include these outcomes (lower medical utilization and costs, fewer symptom days, etc.)...




I don't know how to attach, but there is a systematic review by Tursynbek et. al "Economic Value of Home-Based, Multi-Trigger,
Multicomponent Interventions with an Environmental Focus for Reducing Asthma Morbidity - A Community Guide Systematic Review that is very helpful on this. 


Nuss presented information about how the Louisiana asthma program is
exploring how to show Return on Investment of their efforts. One of the
tools that he has used is the Asthma Cost Calculator
This tool, he explained, is based on 52 studies of costs. The user
enters information in and the calculator draws on the studies to provide
cost information back.  

Thanks, all, for your suggestions and sources. I believe I found a link to the study T.Greene mentions above:

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The Asthma Regional Council of New England created a business case for asthma home visits and low cost interventions. It included cost savings and intensity level interventions based on severity.


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There are a few additional resources available on the Economic Review that is cited above. EPA and CDC delivered a webinar in December 2009 that features Tursynbek Nurmagambetov where he examines economic evaluations in public health and demonstrates the value for home-based environmental interventions. This webinar has been archived and a copy of the presentation is available through the Network: