Podcast Series: Asthma Community Network – Conversations for Advancing Action

This podcast series explores best practices for reducing the impact of asthma, especially in underserved communities. Hear from people who have successfully developed asthma management programs that have improved health outcomes in their communities. Learn about their effective health delivery systems; strategies for addressing environmental triggers; key partnerships; and the tools and resources they use to achieve outstanding results.

In this episode, Jessica Ramsay and Kim Artis explain the best practices that led to the Sinai Urban Health Institute’s community health worker program’s success and discuss highlights of the study. This includes the importance of proper training and support for community health workers before, during, and after they deliver in-home asthma care services. Join us for an in-depth look at how collaborative partnerships, thorough monitoring and evaluation practices, and full engagement with the community can be leveraged to address asthma disparities.