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The Philadelphia Allies Against Asthma Coalition has developed a telephone-based care coordination system called the "Link Line" for parents of children with asthma. The Link Line protocol as well as examples of pre and post assessments are available upon request.
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The Philadelphia Allies Against Asthma Coalition developed a uniform "Asthma Action Plan" that was approved by local Managed Care Organizations and ultimately adopted by the PA DOH for the state of Pennsylvania.
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The Asthma 101 presentation was developed by the Philadelphia Allies Against Asthma coaliton to increase asthma awareness among community members with asthma. Presentation covers topics including: what is asthma, what happens during and asthma attack, signs and symptoms, asthma triggers, and asthma medications.
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Experts recommend that both schools and families have a current asthma action plan for all school aged children with asthma. This CDPH approved plan includes important consent and authorization language as required by law (developed in statewide partnership with asthma stakeholders). Additional translations are available in CAPHI resources for schools.
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We offer 2 main programs: An asthma outreach worker program and home environmental assessment training and visits. Tools available on the website include: 1. Do-It-Yourself Home Environmental Assessment and 2) Searching for a Healthy Home.
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The FLARE plan is a comprehensive and concise tool to help patients receive discharge instructions based on the NAEPP Guidelines for asthma management. Follow up with your doctor Learn your medications Asthma is a chronic disease Respond to warning signs Emergency Care These uniform emergency department discharge instructions may help reduce preventable emergency visits and hospital
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688 Promote self-regulation among school age children
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AsthmaMoms provides a wide range of data on asthma from background to air quality forecasts, triggers, streaming videos, products, to legislations & information in Spanish -- and environmental health information related to the NYC World Trade Center.
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Culture Clues™ are tip sheets for clinicians, designed to increase awareness about concepts and preferences of patients from the diverse cultures served by University of Washington Medical Center. Culture Clues™ serve as a guide to improve clinicians’ understanding of their patients’ and families’ perspectives of their health care experience. Culture Clues™ cover: • Perception of
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