May is Asthma Awareness Month

Participate in Asthma Awareness Month!

Each May, thousands of organizations across the U.S. join together for Asthma Awareness Month (AAM) to increase public awareness and improve the lives of children and families with asthma. Be part of this national effort to get asthma under control in communities nationwide!

Use the tools and resources identified below to plan and promote your program's AAM activities and events.

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Find and Share Resources

Visit the Resource Bank to find asthma action plans, evidence-based studies, outreach materials and other resources to help your program. Share educational material with your community during AAM.

Check out these Top 3 Resources:

  1. The Breathe Easies
    EPA Asthma Team
  2. Putting Together the Pieces to Manage Childhood Asthma
    Merck Childhood Asthma Network, Inc.
  3. Help Your Child Gain Control Over Asthma
    EPA Asthma Team

Plan AAM Events

Download EPA's AAM Event Planning Kit for ideas for outreach and awareness activities, media tips and much more. Then add your activities to the Events Calendar! Share your AAM stories about events and activities on the Blog.

Identify Partners in Your Community

Find partners in your area by searching the Community Program Profiles on

Welcome to Asthma!

I’m Dr. Floyd Malveaux with the Merck Childhood Asthma Network (MCAN). We are focused on enhancing access to quality asthma care and management for children in the U.S. As a nation, we cannot continue to approach childhood asthma the same old way and expect to reverse the fact that one in every 11 children suffers from it and the asthma disparities that exist in many communities. To effectively manage this chronic disease requires careful alignment of different touch points in a child’s life: in the doctor's office, at school, at home and even on Capitol Hill. Use this new MCAN infographic, Putting Together the Pieces to Manage Childhood Asthma, to tell the real asthma story and raise awareness about the puzzle pieces that need to come together for real solutions. Visit the Resource Bank today to download the poster and other resources. 

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