Asthma Change Package

The System For Delivering High Quality Asthma Care

This change package is a guide for achieving breakthrough improvements in community asthma care. It provides quick access to a tremendous knowledge base on program strategies and approaches that drive improved health outcomes and program sustainability. It is built on strong evidence: the University of Michigan Asthma Health Outcomes Project (AHOP); the chronic care, program improvement, and social change literatures; in-depth analysis of highly effective asthma programs; and lessons from the more than 250 members of the Communities in Action. Synthesis of this research base reveals a dynamic system—the System for Delivering High-Quality Asthma Care—that drives successful asthma program design, delivery, outcomes, growth, and longevity.

Delivering High Quality Asthma Care

What is the System for Delivering High-Quality Asthma Care?

The System for Delivering High-Quality Asthma Care is a conceptual framework that identifies the core elements of successful asthma programs and the processes that drive their implementation, continuous improvement, and endurance. The System is flexible and any asthma program, regardless of its size, institutional home (e.g., health plan, health care provider, community program), budget, target community, or level of development, can use the System to guide its work. How you apply the System will depend on where your program is in its evolution. As programs mature, the System evolves with them. The applicability to your program and your understanding of different elements of the System is likely to change over time. Early on, you may focus on using the System as a guide for getting started. After several years, you may focus more on using it to make your program last.

How Can I Use the Change Package?

The links in the toolbar on the right, present the change concepts and strategies that successful asthma programs have applied to incorporate the System for Delivering High-Quality Asthma Care into their programs. ‘First Things First’ and ‘Making It Last’ headings appear in the table to help programs at different stages of development focus in on the System components and strategies that may be most relevant to their situations. It is important to recognize, however, that this System is dynamic. Its effectiveness results from the ongoing interaction between its components. The most successful and enduring asthma programs continually pursue all of the System components, deepening, refining, and enriching these components as their programs mature. Community asthma programs that achieve breakthrough results are works in progress and most put the components of success in place over time. High-quality asthma care is a marathon and not a sprint.

This Change Package is designed to capture the current knowledge base. The Communities in Action Network updates this document as real-time learning and information exchange drive the ongoing improvement of asthma care. This release is version 3.

May is Asthma Awareness Month

Participate in Asthma Awareness Month!

Each May, thousands of organizations across the U.S. join together for Asthma Awareness Month (AAM) in an effort to increase public awareness and improve the lives of children and families with asthma. Be part of this national effort to get asthma under control in communities nationwide!

Use the tools and resources identified below to plan and promote your program’s AAM activities and events.

Browse AAM Events

Check out the Events Calendar and use the widget on the lower left of the page to search for AAM events in your community!

Join the national effort in promoting Asthma Awareness. Put this widget on your Web page. Click here for the code!

Identify Partners in Your Community

Search the Community Program Profiles on to find programs in your area to partner with and host events. Promote your events by posting them on the Events Calendar!

Find and Share Resources

Search the Resource Bank to inform your program’s work. The Resource Bank has everything from checklists and asthma action plans to education and outreach materials and community health worker tools.

To search for what you need, use the advanced search feature:

  1. Visit the Resource Bank.
  2. Click on the “show advanced search” button.
  3. Check the boxes under “Resource Category,” “Resource Type,” “Language,” “Literacy Level,” and “Target Audience” based on your resource needs.
  4. Click the “search” button at the bottom of the page.
  5. To start a new search, click the “start new search button.”

To share your program’s resources:

  1. Visit the Resource Bank.
  2. In the green box on the page, click the "add your resource" button.
  3. Complete the fields and upload your resource.
  4. Make sure to click the "save" button at the bottom of the page to add your resource.
  5. To add another resource, simply repeat steps 1-4 above.

Check out these Top Five Resources:

  1. The Breathe Easies
    EPA Asthma Team
  2. Putting Together the Pieces to Manage Childhood Asthma
    Merck Childhood Asthma Network, Inc.
  3. Help Your Child Gain Control Over Asthma
    EPA Asthma Team
  4. The Asthma Organizer
    Allergy & Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics
  5. Dusty the Asthma Goldfish and his Asthma Triggers Funbook
    EPA Asthma Team

Plan AAM Events

Download EPA’s Asthma Awareness Month Event Planning Kit, which features new ideas for outreach and awareness activities, tips for working with the media, success stories and much more.

Add AAM Events

Publicize your community’s AAM Event on the Events Calendar. Make sure to designate it as an "Asthma Awareness Month" event so others can easily recognize that your event is part of this national effort.

Have Multiple Events?
Add each event separately to maximize your marketing impact. You’ll also be able to track how many people RSVP for each event.

Read and Share AAM Stories

After your event takes place, let other members know how it went by writing a blog post. This is a quick, easy way to share your successes with the community. You can even upload pictures from your events! Your stories can also help others in planning their own successful events.

View Popular Videos, Podcasts and Webinars

Check out the videos, podcasts and webinars pages to learn about variety of asthma management topics.

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