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Asthma is often poorly controlled. Home visitation by community health workers (CHWs) to improve control among adults has not been adequately evaluated. This study tests the hypothesis that CHW home visits for adults with uncontrolled asthma improve outcomes relative to usual care.
Asthma Care Plan/Action Plan, Document (PDF, Word, Excel), Home/Housing
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Healthy Cleaning & Asthma-Safer Schools: A How-To Guide is a new set of guidelines that helps school districts go green and save money by transitioning to asthma-safer cleaning products and practices. A companion video features California custodians and administrators’ successes using the guide’s strategies.
Asthma Friendly Policies, Document (PDF, Word, Excel), School
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This document provides codes used to bill Medicaid within states for asthma care services, including descriptions of services covered. The information can be used to advocate for expanded Medicaid and private payer reimbursement in your state.
Asthma Friendly Policies, English, Document (PDF, Word, Excel), Health Care Setting
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As CHWs become a more significant part of the healthcare workforce, states have taken a variety of approaches to supporting and regulating this group. This report by Harvard Law School's Center for Health Law & Policy Innovation is designed to review some of the major policies in different states and highlight some of the issues that arise in these programs. There is no single right approach. With sufficient stakeholder engagement, each state can develop policies tailored for its community.
Community Health/Outreach Worker Tool, English, Document (PDF, Word, Excel), Other
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Different types of data analysis tell different stories about asthma disparities in children. This study analyzed trends in racial disparities using both traditional population-based rates and at-risk rates. Population-based data methods found disparities in asthma prevalence among black children over time and asthma-related deaths increased. However, the at-risk analysis found the same racial disparities remained the same or decreased, suggesting that despite a growing asthma prevalence among black children compared to white children, progress has been made in addressing racial disparities in asthma outcomes.
English, Document (PDF, Word, Excel), Other
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This tool kit shows how Washington State partners are approaching asthma home visits.
English, Document (PDF, Word, Excel), Home/Housing, Implementation Guide, Program Management/Evaluation, Quality Improvement
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In recent years, defilement of the air has significantly impacted the health and hygiene of the population at large. In order to address this issue properly, information is needed on the particulates responsible for affecting the quality of air both outdoor as well as indoors. Pollutants vary greatly in their composition, as well as from place to place. Data is required to interpret a correlation between particulates with that of health and hygiene. This information may signify an overall idea about the air that composes an environment and its quality.
Asthma Care Plan/Action Plan, English, Website
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This document provides building professionals with practical guidance to control moisture in buildings during design, construction and maintenance.
English, Day Care, Document (PDF, Word, Excel), Education/Outreach Materials, Environmental Assessment/Checklist, Home/Housing
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Three short humorus Public Service Awareness Vidoes promoting indoor-air quality in schools and awareness about asthma triggers.
English, Video (VHS or DVD), Website, School
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US EPA's Guide to Climate Change Indicators
Booklet, English, Document (PDF, Word, Excel), Fact Sheet, Environmental Assessment/Checklist, Training Materials, Training/Educational Kit, Website
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