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As a tribally-led coalition, our goal is to find and share solutions for healthy, sustainable, and safe housing.We search for and help develop effective programs, and share our results with tribes. We call for support from our partners, including EPA, HUD, USDA, Indian Health Service, and the American Lung Association, to provide expertise, equipment or funding.
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In an effort to increase family and community wellness among our nation's tribes, MSU Extension Housing & Environmental Health Program and the Native American Housing Technical Assistance Institute proposed the creation of a National Tribal Healthy Homes Training & Technical Assistance Support Center which will integrate all elements of the existing National Center for Healthy Housing and the USDA/HUD Healthy Homes Partnership program.
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Governor Deal signed into law State Bill 126 (SB126) which authorizes schools to stock levalbuterol/albuterol and provides immunity for trained staff to administer the lifesaving medication to a student believed in good faith be experiencing respiratory distress, regardless of whether the student has a prescription for albuterol/levalbuterol. This authorization and protections under the law will enhance the ability of school nurses and properly trained personnel to implement comprehensive protocols for responding to asthma emergencies while protecting all students experiencing respiratory distress in school settings. Announcement of the new law was covered by local CBS news affiliate featuring Jon Ramsey and Dr. Traci Bridges who authored the bill. To view news clip click here: Bill:
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Community Health Status Indicators 2015 (CHSI 2015) is an interactive Web application that produces health profiles for all 3,143 counties in the United States. Each profile includes key indicators of health outcomes, which describe the population health status of a county and factors that have the potential to influence health outcomes, such as social factors and the physical environment. CHSI 2015 includes new and enhanced features compared to earlier versions of the tool, including a feature that allows users to compare the value of each indicator with those of demographically similar counties, as well as to the U.S. as a whole, and a new summary comparison report which provides an "at a glance" view of how one county compares with its peers. Check out CHSI 2015 to see your county's health profile!
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Asthma is one of the most common chronic conditions in the United States, affecting nearly 1 in 11 children, costing the United States nearly $56 billion each year in 2007. To improve health outcomes and reduce asthma-related costs, states should consider augmenting high quality medical services with self-management education and home visiting programs, according to a paper released today by the National Governors Association (NGA).
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We are excited to announce that in collaboration with Frontiers in Public Health, section Public Health Education and Promotion, we are organizing a Research Topic titled "Online Training for Public Health Capacity Building among Professionals Working with Youth”.
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Asthma Awareness Toolkit – You can use the items in CDC’s Asthma Awareness Month Toolkit to take control of and raise awareness about asthma.
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The Wisconsin Asthma Coalition (WAC) is committed to improving asthma management for children and adults. Since the WAC’s inception in 2001, the role of the Alliance has been to coordinate the coalition of more than 200 members, and facilitate the creation and implementation of the Wisconsin Asthma Plan. The WAC Executive Committee meets monthly in-person to guide, monitor, and make recommendations to implement the Wisconsin Asthma Plan.
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A Story of Health begins with a family reunion that brings you into the lives of fictional people with some of the chronic illnesses that are a serious problem for the health of our nation – asthma, developmental disabilities, cancer, infertility, diabetes, and cognitive decline. Through their stories, you’ll learn the potential causes of these diseases and conditions, and explore prevention strategies.
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The Minnesota Department of Health would like you to be aware of the “new” URL to the online training: Reducing Environmental Asthma Triggers in the home. Go to:
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