Asthma medications in schools

I am interested in finding out from Ms. Hernlen about how she was able to obtain pulse oximeters and jet nebulizers in her schools.  New York States does not allow us to have standing orders for medications other than EpiPens.  In addition, did she get funding to purchase these items or were they donated to the schools.  If she received funding, was it a grant?


Thank you.

The pulse oximeters and jet nebs were provided by the East Central Health District of Ga. We just had a policy implemented that allows for standing orders for jet nebulizers. Of course the RN tries to call the parent first, but if they are not reachable they can give the nebulizer or inhaler. It was a tough battle but the school board lawyer was able to help. We also have a very committed allergist who took this on for us as well and the issue was pushed by the school nurses. That is one of the great things about the coaliton is combining forces to tackle problems. Sometimes there is strngth in numbers. Good luck.