Community Health Worker

What was your curriculem for the 70 hour asthma community health worker training program?

Are there any formal community health worker certification courses available in Illinois or Missouri?

Was wondering what the site was for the Sinai Asthma Ed Traning Institute?

Does CDC have an asthma ed training program? can yours and the CDC be replicated?

Seems to me with some of the resistance in the community, why isn't there a standardized training program so all can begin utilizing this important tool to improve health outcomes, thus save money and improve QOL?

Hello bowill, Sinai has a formal asthma training via our Sinai Asthma Education Training Institute. Information can be found at or you can email me

There are no state run CHW "certification" programs in Illinois. 

Is the Sinai Asthma Education Training Institute open to Community Health Eductors outside the Sinai system?  Also, would you be willing to facilitate a train the trainer for other organizations?  great job Melissa and Andy



@bobwill--I believe Texas has a program in place:

Please let me clarrify that there are no formal certificaiton programs in Illinois.


Sinai's asthma training program is available and we would be happy to train your CHWs. Please contact me for more details.




Great questions. We need more CHW advocates out in the field and in the ear of our policy makers. Please try to reach out to your local CHW network or contact the APHA CHW Section. They are a great resource!