Cleaning up after IPM or pest control applications

Can anyone recommend a guide to cleaning up after pests that has detailed directions on how to clean and ideally doesn't suggest bleach? 


Sarita Hudson

Pioneer Valley Asthma Coalition

If all possible we recommend using a HEPA vacuum to clean mice or roaches debris (feces and dead carcass) expecially if they in areas that are hard to access using a hepa filtered vacuum also prevents the pest allergens from going airbone and causes more problems.  To clean up the urine, saliva used hotwater with vinegar to disenfect, avoid bleach alltogether. At the Boston Public Health Commission we developed a "Pest and Pesticide" guide which we use to educate residents about pest prevention and control.  The guide has various recommendations including cleaning up after pests.  folow the link to the webside to access the guide.

I hope this is helpfull.

Eugene Barros


Feel free to contact the Boston Public Health Commission, Healthy Homes Program at 617-534-5965.