Does the CHAMPS clinic/home visit model make room for CHWs as asthma educators at either in the clinic setting but especially the home visit setting?  If so, can you share some outcome information if any about those efforts?

Geri: We have definitely employed community health workers in our intervention studies; for both home environmental visits and asthma counseling.  We do extensive training  and monitoring of our CHWs as well as the Asthma Counselors.  Dr. Jim Kreiger (in Seattle) has published several excellent papers on the effectiveness of CHWs for home visits and asthma self-management counseling.  As I recall, all of our asthma counselors in the New Orleans HEAL project were CHWs or new to research.  With the excellent guidance, education and monitoring by Ellie Thornton in our study, they have all become Certified Asthma Counselors.  Thanks for the question.