Environmental Justice Communities and Asthma

This is very useful info for helping families control HOME and SCHOOL factors that affect asthma. Any strategy/suggestions for how to help families/communities when the environmental threats are coming from outside the home--environmental injustice issues such as close-by chemical treatment plants (e.g., sewage, water), or high voltage power lines and the radiation and micro-pollutants that accumulate around such lines, off-gassing from dumps, etc? Some communities are inundated with injustices from the outside and those environmental injustices contribute to respiratory and other disorders. Any experience/ideas/help?

This is such a great question and important for all of us , not just asthma patients. This would be my suggestions: contacting your regional EPA office, local city council leadership, state representatives, and occupational health providers.

We would probably refer something like this to our occupational medicine department for help and guidance.