High Performing Collaborations & Partnerships

Strategy 1 - Build on What Works
Partner with individuals and organizations with a strong presence in your target community--train them if necessary--to build your program’s effectiveness and leverage resources
Strategies in Action:
  • NYCAI recognized the risk of increased asthma in lower Manhattan after September 11, 2001. To reach at-risk pediatric populations, they developed a simple form to help local day care providers recognize asthma symptoms and refer children to local providers.
  • ANWM collaborated with local university faculty to evaluate utilization and hospitalization outcomes for case-managed patients.
Strategy 2 - Collaborate to Build Credibility
Collaborate with well-known partners to garner the social capital and community infrastructure needed to deliver comprehensive community asthma care
Strategies in Action:
  • CHA works with the Superintendent of area schools, providers outside of CHA’s network, health and housing department officials, university representatives, and local politicians to implement the Planned Care Model for Asthma Management across the community.