Is CHAMP Registry software available to others?

If so, is there a cost?  Do you maintain it, or is there a commercial developer

The CHAMP Data registry was develped by the University of TN Health Science Center, Division of Bio-medical Informatics.  It is built on their existing Slim-Prim platform which is currently being upgraded.  This product is available to other pograms and forms and data elements can be indiviudalized.  We do not pay a great sum to maintain it annually.  For details on cost, I would refer you to Dr. Ian Brooks, Director of UTHSC Bio-medical informatics.    I can provide the email.

Thank you!  An e-mail contact would be great when you get back to the office and have a moment. My e-mail is

If you could, I would also love to have that contact info -

Are there guidelines about how to approach hospitals, urgent care and doctors offices to ask for data?

What material or tools to you carry to a home visit?

I would also appreciate the contact information to discuss costs of the data collection system.  Additionally, do you have a flow-chart or some document that shows the data fields for the CHAMPS registry, source of data, etc. 

Thank you-  Judy