Program Design

The CHAMPS study took place through a multidisciplinary, collaborative effort between a Team of experts in the fields of asthma, child health, health policy, epidemiology, and health services.


The CHAMPS study evaluated the clinical- and cost-effectiveness of an intensive, evidence-based childhood asthma counseling and environmental intervention for pediatric asthma patients ages 5-12, with not-well/poorly controlled, moderate-to-severe persistent asthma.


The intervention is both clinic- and home-based and is patient-tailored, family-centered, and environmentally-focused.


As outlined in the diagram below, the CHAMPS intervention consists of three types of patient interactions:

  • Patient identification
  • Patient assessment visits
  • Asthma counseling visits


CHAMPS Program Overview: Click on the boxes below to learn more

CHAMPS Program OverviewIdentify Patient for CHAMPS Intervention Patient Assessment Asthma Counseling


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