Establishing an Implementation Team


I think CHAMPS did open the idea of okay, everyone can be a team member in patient care; it’s not just the doctor. The nurse plays a role, even people who work the front desk and reception area. Everyone works as a team to generate the goal that we want. - Physician

Get off to a good start with CHAMPS by creating an implementation team to plan, and oversee, the execution of the CHAMPS intervention in your practice.


The implementation team creates a vision of what the improved childhood asthma management system will look like after implementing the CHAMPS intervention, and communicates this vision to all relevant stakeholders. The team also monitors progress and facilitates the dissemination of successful changes to other sites in the practice. The team meets routinely to assess implementation progress and measures of success.


Before forming a team, solicit the approval and support of the practice’s leadership to implement the CHAMPS intervention.


Form a team that includes experts in focus areas needed for successful and comprehensive practice improvement focused on the care of children with asthma. The minimum recommended team members include:


  • Asthma Champion – advocate for high quality asthma care throughout the organization
  • Asthma Counselor – case manager for patients with asthma who provides one-on-one patient-tailored counseling and care
  • Information Technology Lead – technical lead who can oversee the integration of the CHAMPS processes and tools into the various electronic management systems at use in the practice


Add additional members to the team who represent other key stakeholders in the practice. Read more about other key roles in the Staff Roles and Job Descriptions section of the Manual.

Once the team is formed, follow these three steps to get started:

  1. Define the team’s aim and what the team expects to accomplish, including measures of success; refer to the Essential Elements of Success section of the Manual for more information
  2. Develop a thorough understanding of current childhood asthma guidelines
  3. Establish a strategy to begin implementing the CHAMPS practice changes


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